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Rolon Automotive Belts

LGB’s Rubber Belt Division manufactures wide range of automotive belts for Scooters, Cars, SUV’s and Commercial Vehicles. LGB’s World Class manufacturing facility is backed up with top-of-the-line R&D in material science. The quality of Rolon belts are meticulously monitored in each stage of belt manufacturing process right from base compound to finished belts. The Rolon belts manufactured are used in variety of applications such as in Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) & in engine accessories such as Power Steering, Water Pumps, alternator, turbo intercoolers and also in timing system of leading vehicles.

Rolon 5G Technology Scooter Belts

Rolon’s latest 5G Technology Belts for scooters is manufactured with five greatness that cater the needs of riders for smooth and comfort riding

 Rolon Belts For 4 Wheelers & Tractors

Cogged V Belts

Rolon’s Cogged V Belts majorly used in engine’s turbo intercoolers, air compressors. The advantage of Rolon’s cogged V belts over traditional V belts is better grip which avoids slippages and screeching noises.

Poly V Belts

Rolon’s Poly V Belts are used where accessory belt drive systems such as in power steering, water pumps, alternators, air compressors etc., which requires reverse bending applications & lesser bending radius. The Poly V Belts provide better transmission efficiency than V belts with highest load carrying capacity.

Timing Belts

Rolon’s Timing belts are synchronous belts which are used in engine time applications transmitting power from cam to crank shaft and vice versa. Rolon’s timing belts are manufactured with best quality aramid fibre and glass fabric cords for better life and durability.