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Fine Blanking – The Leading Edge

Fine Blanking is a metal forming process used to produce ‘Net Shape’ finished parts in single operation or with minimal secondary processing. Hydraulic presses are used to actuate the tool and die in three motions, thus makes clear shear with straight edges with no fracture zones, good flatness tolerances and high level of angular accuracy. Comparing to conventional stamping process, the die clearance in Fine Blanking process is one tenth, which eliminates the tearing on the cut edges of the parts

Advantages of Fine Blanking Process
Types of geometry that Fine Blanking Process can produce
100% Clean sheared edges Edges are not 100% clean
Surface finish can be achived up to 0.8 microns Not Possible
Better wear resistance at edges Poor wear resistance at edges
Excellent flatness ie., no material deformation while blanking Material deformation occurs
Small, pierced holes relative to material thickness can be achieved Not possible
Reduces or Eliminates costly secondary operations Not possible
Tight dimensional tolerances can be achieved Not possible

LGB is fully equipped to meet your demands for both Fine Blanking and creative forming so that you get the advantage of cost savings, reduced process time, fast operations and parts that are of outstanding flatness and dimensional accuracy. The Fine Blanking tool is a specially designed complete press tool with a V-ring and an extremely small punch-die clearance. LGB brings to bear its expertise in all areas of operation right from Raw Material, Tool engineering, Process design, to give customers the very best Fine Blanked Parts & Assemblies.

LGB’s array of Fine Blanking presses offer a wide range of tonnage from 100 tons to 1000 tons.

S.No. Tonnage No. of Presses
1 100 1
2 160 1
3 200 1
4 250 10
5 320 3
6 400 5
7 650 2
8 710 1
9 1000 1

Our products range from 1 mm to 12 mm thickness.

Products as diverse such as automobile parts, electrical parts, textile parts are blanked in our plant. Our systems allow us to coordinate scheduling and production, while maintaining strict Quality Control for every component.

LGB has established a modern laboratory for checking various components to ensure meeting International standards.

Central function and all Fine Blanking factories are certified with ISO /IATF 16949:2016.

We Fine Blank following materials

Ferrous Materials Non Ferrous Materials
Low Carbon Steels Copper
Medium Carbon Steels Phosphor Bronze
Spring Steels
Alloy Steels
Stainless Steels







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