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General Conditions of LGB Purchase Order

Purchase order

Order Confirmation by supplier

  • E-mail confirmation
  • LGB Portal Registration
  • Price/Quantity/Specification/Drawing confirmation
  • Any amendments to the above, supplier to get appoval from LGB or with Mutual agreement
  • Product should meet LGB’s Approval – Drawing /Specification/Agreement

Delivery & supply condition

Material should not be supplied without Purchase order

Supplier to ensure delivery schedule as per Purchase order

In case of quality or Customer Rejection, safety etc LGB shall return or dispose and to be borne by the supplier.

Any failure arising due to act of god /flood/strike/Transportation embargoes/
lockouts/ etc which is beyond our control ,The contract shall be deemed to have
been entered into at coimbatore and all proceedings (if any)shall be filed any
litigated in the civil courts of coimbatore and no where else.

  • Original Invoice /Test certificate /Packing slip /MSDS/Product Data sheet are to be sent along with supply wherever applicable .
  • E-invoice with the QR code along with the IRN is mandatory to avail input tax credit if your annual turnover is more than Rs.5 Crores.
  • LGB prefer one invoice in one material
  • In case multiple material supplier should ensure invoices based on the GST%
  • Shelf Life should be disclosed in each Invoice /Packing slip/Product
  • Chemical Hazardous supplies should be communicated in all stages i.e Handling/Transporting/Transhipment /Delivery Locations
  • LGB expect all suppliers should be certified in IATF 16949:2016 QMS
  • Any change in Process or Design modifications should be submitted and approved through PPAP in addition to the 8D formats for all Corrective and Preventive actions.

LGB expect all suppliers should be GSTIN regsitered should adhere all governmental regulations and implemented time to time by understanding the loss to customer , incase of failing and uploading within a prescribed period month after month, any failure will be borne by the supplier


Proper Packages and Identification to be addressed by the supplier by understanding where the materials are used for the safety related Customer.

Bank Instructions

Where documents sent through Bank are not received in time and the buyer is called upon to pay interest, demurages,wastage and any other expenses incidental thereto, such expenses shall be to the seller’s account .

GST conditions

Any Loss due to delay in Filing of Returns /Non payment of Tax/ Delay of Payment/ Mismatched Tax /any Interest Liability of Govt, will be recovered from Supplier.

General Conditions

The supplier shall not engage into a financial or personal interest or any other relationship with a LGB employee even the appearance of a conflict of interest can be damaging to LGB and to the suppliers , and are to be disclosed and approved in advanced by LGB management .

Business gifts and hospitality are sometimes used in the normal course of business activity, if offers of gifts or hospitality ( including entertainment or travel)are frequent or of substantial value , they may create the perception of, or an actual conflict of interest or an ‘ illicit payment’ therefore , gifts and hospitality given or received should not be encouraged.

Healthy and Safety
  • The suppliers shall provide a safety, healthy and clean working environment for its employees.
  • The suppliers shall not employ children at their work places.
  • The suppliers shall not use forced labour in any form.
  • The supplier shall work for environmental sustainability,particularly with regard to the emission of greenhouse gases, consumption of water and energy and the management of waste and hazardous materials.
  • Polythene or plastic cover used for packing should be not less than 50 micorns.
  • Supplier shall establish & implement ISO 14001 & ISO 45001.
  • Supplier shall comply ROHS & REACH Compliances.
  • Hazardous waste disposal shall through PCB authorized recyclers.
Sustainable Procurement

Minimize our enviornmental impact with supply chain benefits through better selection and improved usage of products Encourage LGB’s supplier to minimize their environmental impact with supply chain benefits in their own operation.