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Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a process utilized to change certain mechanical characteristics of metal and alloy in order to make them more suitable for a particular kind application. Heat treatment can greatly influence mechanical properties such as Strength, Hardness, Ductility, Toughness and Wear resistance of the alloys.

LGB has capabilities of carrying out variety of Heat Treatment processes like Through Hardening & Tempering, Case Hardening, Carburizing, Nitriding, Carbonitriding, Aus tempering, Chromizing, etc.,.

Strength and life of various LGB products are enhanced by suitable heat treatment process.
LGB has developed & established the above processes as tailor made process suitable for chain & allied parts. Also LGB has developed unique chromizing process suitable for chain pin for high wear resistance.

LGB uses right kind of state of art furnaces for heat treatment process which includes;

LGB is equipped with good metallurgical & chemical laboratory to carryout metallurgical inspection analysis.

LGB’s heat treatment process and equipment selection are carried out to get best process & product parameters as in below.