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Engine Chain Drives

The cam and the fuel injection pump drive systems are considered as a critical chain drive systems in the engine, typically these chains are maintaining the ignition timing in the engine and generally classified as Timing chain. The timing chain which drives the cam shaft is transmitting power from the crank shaft to the cam shaft. Similarly the chain drives the fuel injection pumps transmitting power fro the crank shaft to the fuel injection pump shaft. Few applications a single chain transmits power to the number of driven systems such as cam, fuel injection pump and the oil pump

Engine Timing Chain System

The typical engine timing drives system, especially the timing chain drive system consists of Timing chain, Drive sprocket, Driven sprocket, Chain guide, Tensioner arm, Tensioner assembly. LGB is capable of designing and developing the timing chain drives from scratch. The optimised system design is obtained through a thorough CAE analysis for dynamics and stress.

 Engine Chain Drives Classification

Slient Chain
Bush & Roller Chain