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Chain Tensioners

Tailor made Tensioners for optimized chain tension for initial and elongated  conditions of the chain.

Mechanical Tensioners

Screw Type & Ratchet Type – Cold Start Noise Prevention  / Simple tensioner Mechanism

Hydraulic Tensioners

Hydraulic Tensioner – Provide variable displacement to chain

Relief valve – Control & Prevent Abnormal peak Forces on Chain

Flange / Screw Fitment Type – Easy fitment from outside of engine

Hydro mechanical Tensioner – Prevent cold start noise and also provide viscous damping.

Between Chain Tensioners

 Improper Packaging

Compact Tensioners

 Tensioner Combined with arm

Delivering Results ,Reliability, & Rock Solid Dependability

LGB possesses dedicated manufacturing lines for child parts manufacturing with high accuracy CNC machining centres. The child parts are processed through ultrasonic washing to eliminate dust contamination. LGB’s Tensioners Assembly is continuous flow production line. The Assembly and testing equipments are all manufactured by in-house Machine Build Division with inbuilt Poke Yoke catering to the needs all over the world.

We take a Closer Look

LGB Tensioners undergo a series of stringent quality tests to ensure that customers get the best quality possible. Te following inline tests are carried out in the assembly line.

We conduct following performance evaluation tests to ensure the products meet the application requirements.

Guides & Tensioner Arm Assembly

Low Cost low friction guides for controlling the chain in the predefined chain path in Various Engine conditions & Atmosphere .

Based on Applications

Based on Construction

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